Germplasm Template

This template is for importing germplasm into BMS. It has 3 worksheets.

  • Description: Metadata about the list. LIST NAME, LIST DESCRIPTION and LIST DATE are the mandatory fields. Optional editing to support customization (see Codes below).
  • Observation: Germplasm details. ENTRY (1,2,3 …n) and DESIGNATION (germplasm name) are mandatory.
  • Codes: Provides optional column headers to customize germplasm details.
    Size: 47KB
    Type: XLS

Germplasm Template Sample

Pre-populated sample germplasm template for reference.

    Size: 48KB
    Type: XLS

Crossing Template

This template allows to record crosses within and between studies, and allows individual crosses to be described by different methods.

  • Description: sheet provides crossing record metadata. Description sheet editing is optional, such as to add to record additional variates.
  • Observation: the plot number for the male and female plants is mandatory. Parental germplasm is tracked via nursery plot number.
  • Codes sheet provides all the available users and breeding methods available.
  • Study list: contains details that allow for location in the female nursery. All females are expected to reside in the designated nursery.
    Size: 35KB
    Type: XLS

Crossing Template Sample

Pre-populated sample crossing template for reference.

    Size: 38KB
    Type: XLS

Trait Template

This template is for adding traits/variable to crop ontology of BMS. Each variable name is identified by 3 details. Only one ontology term can be associated with a combination of unique details.

  • Property: What is being measured
  • Method: How the variable is measured
  • Scale: Categorical scale or unit of measure for the variable
    Size: 31KB
    Type: XLS

Trait Template Sample

Pre-populated sample trait template for reference.

    Size: 32KB
    Type: XLS

Location Template

This template is for adding new locations to BMS. Available location types are specified in the template. Latitude and longitude need to be in coordinates.

    Size: 10KB
    Type: XLSX

Location Template Sample

Pre-populated sample location template for reference.

    Size: 11KB
    Type: XLS

Import Design Template

This template is for importing trial design generated outside of the BMS. design template contains the 3 mandatory column headings. Edit the design template for adding other optional columns like REP_NO, BLOCK_NO etc. based on experimental designs.

  • TRIAL_INSTANCE: Number corresponding to specific trial environments
  • ENTRY_NO: Number corresponding to specific germplasm. The number of entries in the trial design file must equal the number of entries in the trial germplasm list.
  • PLOT_NO: Plot number
    Size: 40B
    Type: CSV

Import Design Template Sample

Pre-populated import design template for reference.

    Size: 3KB
    Type: XLS